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During his adventures, the cyber-penguin Pablo has saved the world multiple times – from a world-conquering mad scientist, a megalomaniac penguin general and a whole race of space penguins from Pluto. However, an event during his previous adventure has thrown our hero out of this world. Out of this time.

What if Pablo wasn't there to save the world? What if the mad scientist Glowenko wasn't stopped in his tracks, but now rules the world with a rubber glove?

Stuck in an alternate timeline, Pablo has to find a way home while fighting the whole world gone mad.

Key features

  • Apocalyptic Penguin Time Warp

    Revisit familiar locations and their previously unseen corners in the alternate timeline version of the Glowenko compound.

  • All-In-One Weapon System

    Pablo wields AMM-01, an upgradable prototype weapon capable of firing any kind of rounds it has analyzed – from bullets to rockets, from pure energy to chemicals!

  • Brutal TAGAP

    2-D platformer shooter pushed to the limits with lighting-fast gameplay and more excessive violence.

  • Old Game Plus

    When the campaign ends, a new one opens; TAGAP+ is the first chapter of the original TAGAP remade in TAGAP 4!

  • New Engine

    Re-built from ground up, the new rendering engine is almost twice as fast and looking twice as good.

Release date Nov 14, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorPenguin DT
GenreAction, Platformer, Shooter
Tags2D, freeware, penguins, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
LinksHomepage, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube


TAGAP 4 (v1.6, full game) 394 MB
TAGAP 4 Update (v1.6) 3 MB
Soundtrack (MP3, full double album) 244 MB
Soundtrack (FLAC, TAGAP 4) 901 MB
Soundtrack (FLAC, TAGAP+ and bonus tracks) 474 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip and have at it.

Modern versions of Windows have something called Smart Screen, which claims it can tell if a program is safe or not. In reality, in order to appear as 'safe', the publisher needs to get a certificate,  which you have to buy for big bucks. And these certificates expire and require yearly renewing. As freeware developers we can't afford that. TAGAP games have no online connectivity and so far hasn't blown anyone's computer.

Development log


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Hello , Hope you doing well, just want to Dropping by to report bug (?) , i know this must be expected since i run this on Steam OS (Steam Deck) , but gonna see what happens after further testing. Installed on Win 10 (PC) run fine (since i thought my download was incomplete)

Sorry for the slow reply,  I thought I had notifications from comments turned on, it seems they weren't :(

I'll look into it. This is a shader compilation error, so it should be easy enough to fix. Thank you for reporting!

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game looks good so far but parkour parts is killing me

i can't get past level 5 due it. if before i somehow managed it (and there was no damaging liquid under) but here i just can't 
i can't jump properly either due Pablo having speed of old tired penguin like he looks rn, either game thinking that i'm already in air while standing on end of platform and it uses 2nd jump.  
and timing for that kind of new parkour seems there is off. at least lava pipes (unless i go ahead of everything with those and there's thing that can make them stand indefinitely)
i can't understand if it's made for "most spiced" TAGAP players who played it a lot and i just have skill issue. or something is off with my game. i can't understand

also i turned off vsync too and it kinda helped, but it only added a bit more speed. and it's kinda strange.

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Hello there, I don't know where I could write about my problem, so I'll ask here. I downloaded the TAGAP 4 v1.2, tried to run it, but immediately an error about the absence came out XInput_1.4.dll . I downloaded this file and inserted it into the folder with the game, then an error about the absence appeared api-ms-win-eventing-classicprovider-l1-1-0.dll . I did the same thing, I'm trying to start it again and now I have the error 0xc0000007b. I have already reinstalled microsoft VC, directX, net.Framework, updated videocard drivers, tried to run it in compatibility mode with windows 7 and ran it as an administrator, it didn't help.

Sadly, TAGAP 4 requires Windows 8.1 or later.  I'm sorry about that :(

Oh, it's sad, but it's okay. In the future, I hope to update my computer and play this masterpiece. Thank you for your hard work, I grew up on these games and they mean a lot to me.


Wohooo congrats on the release & thank you ! gonna play this soon

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Congrats on the release of TAGAP 4!  I'm looking forward to having a play through it soon myself.  Been a fan of these games since the original (in my childhood funnily enough), and each subsequent release has never failed to astonish.  Thank you PenguinDT for all the incredible games over the years--hopefully more people will discover these gems!


I have already started playing it and in terms of gameplay this is probably already my favorite even if I have played 1 and 2 over 10 times over. I have found a few bugs in Iron foundry though where you glitch through the floor while sliding on one of the other plattforms right after the lavafall areas. The first thing that happened to me was that I pulled the lever and right after I cleaver fragged a fodder enemy which then brought me into a cutscene right in the animation and in the next moment I was softlocked in the lower level since I did not take the elevator and I could not get back up again, The second one was the sliding one. I was just sliding across the floor and when I was supposed to go up the stairs I kinda just fell through. Don´t know why itt happened but it did. I really love the games since I played the first one not long after it came out so I hope that my Information can be used to improve the game even if it is not much yet. Thank you for these amazing games. You guys are just amazing


Thank you for your kind words! And double-thank you for reporting the bug, I'll see if I can hammer it out.

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Thank you again for your hard work. huge fan :D


Thanks so much PenguinDT!!
I've been looking forward to this for a long time. <3